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   Gree-Tour of Guangxi    

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Main Competition WorldTourcompetitie 2021

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Main Competition Rules
The WorldTour Competition allows you to select 65 riders maximum. These 65 riders are your Main Team. The chosen riders can be used all year for the races we selected in the WorldTour-program.

Up to the closing date you can change riders to your hearts content, yet as soon as the competition closes your team is also set in stone. Injured riders aren't substituted after this date.

The aim of this competition is to score as many points as you can with the riders you have selected (see points table per stage/race below). He or she who has the most points at the end of the season is the winner and earns a well deserved place on our 'Wall of Fame'.
Main Team
Closing time: Saturday, February 20th at 22:00h CET

You can add and delete riders in your Main Team up to closing time. After this date no changes can be made to your Main Team. There are no restrictions on choosing riders; any rider from any WorldTour or ProContinental team can be selected through the drop-down tab behind the teams.

As soon as you've selected 65 riders the teams-list will disappear. If you want to change a rider in your team, first delete a rider and the selection-list will re-appear.

Race Team
Your Race Team is determined by the 65 riders you have chosen, per race or stage race. A maximum of 28 riders can appear in your Race Team which you can use for that race. In case fewer riders are competing, your Race Team will also be smaller.

After the closing date for each race we automatically check your team. If you haven't made a Race Team selection yourself, a maximum of 28 riders will be selected from the startlist for that particular race. Often enough you'll find that you haven't got 28 riders in your Race Team, but 17 (for instance). The startlist for each race obviously dictates your Race Team options.

The available riders can now be used for the daily startlist. Injured riders, or riders that didn't finish the previous stage, will not be replaced after the start of the stage or one-day-race.
For every stage (except TTT's) you are able to select 15 riders from your Race Team you think have the best chance of scoring points for you on the day. If one of the selected 15 riders doesn't start we will automatically replace that rider with the nr. 16 from your Race Team (if available).

The surplus Race Team-riders need to take a backseat and can't score any points in that stage/race. If you do not select any rider or only a few riders, we will complement your startlist to the full 15 riders (if available). The sequence of your raceteam determines which riders (top to bottom) are selected by our computer.

You might not have 15 riders in your Race Team at a certain point because some riders didn't finish previous stages. Only those riders still in the race and on your Race Team can now be selected, or will be automatically selected to your startlist by us.
Scoring points
The riders on your startlist can score points for your team, see the table below. The points you earn will be used in a daily and general classification. Whoever scores the most points at the end of the competition wins the Main Competition and walks away with eternal fame!
PositionPoints PositionPoints
1st place100 11th place10
2nd place80 12th place9
3rd place70 13th place8
4th place60 14th place7
5th place50 15th place6
6th place40 16th place5
7th place30 17th place4
8th place25 18th place3
9th place20 19th place2
10th place15 20th place1

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